DCS Dynamic Cooking Systems Genuine Appliance Parts

We have a large stock of Genuine DCS parts. If we don't have it, we can get it. Many are not listed on the website due to the many different models and product codes. Call us with any questions or inquiries on DCS parts.


Gas Grill Parts from various Manufacturers. We are in process of adding our inventory, so please call if you do not see what you are looking for.

Microwave Oven Repair Parts. We have a tremendous inventory of microwave repair parts and we are in the process of migrating our inventory. Please call us at 877-616-7278 for micowave parts.


If you have an obsolete or discontinued electronic part that you have searched the internet for and been unable to locate, and fear that you must replace the entire appliance- Read on! GAP Sales has a solution! We offer a "RETURN FOR REPAIR" service where you can send us your defective control for complete and comprehensive refurbish/repair, with a VERY FAST turnaround, with a full 1-year warranty on the completed part. We will ship your working control back within 2 to 4 business days after we receive it. Repair preventative maintenance is performed, along with a full functional test, verifying that the control is operating properly. IF YOUR PART CANNOT BE REPAIRED, WE WILL REFUND 100% OF YOUR PURCHASE. - Fast Turnaround - All Major Brands Supported - Fully Analyzed and Tested - Quality Equal to or Better Than an OEM Part - Worry-free Warranty - 1 Year Performance Guarantee with optional THREE YEAR warranty also available at extra cost. - Cost Savings - Up to 50% Less Than OEM Part - 'Green' Alternative - Customer Service Support In the event the original part is not repairable, or we are experiencing component shortages or delays, or on long delays due to service backlog; GAP reserves the right to replace the original part sent in for repair with an alternative part, meeting the same form, fit and function of the original part.

Genuine Factory Range and Oven Repair Parts for most major brands. We're in the process of adding our inventory and we stock much more inventory than is listed here online, so please call us if you don't see what you need. We either have it in stock in our warehouse or we can get it from the manufacturer right away.

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250072P DCS Gas BBQ Grill Burner Valve. Replaces AP6802764, 210733, 13017. Fits several models. Click MORE DETAILS link for specific model coverage.


210390P DCS Range Electrode. Genuine DCS replacement part. Fits DCS models: C-364GD, C-364GL, C-366-L, C-484GG, C-486GD, C-486GL, DCS24-BQFSN, DCS24-BQN, PCA-2600N, RD-304, RD-364GD, RD-364GL, RD-366, RD-484GG, RD-486GD, RD-486GL, RG-304, RG-364GD, RG-364GL, RG-366, RG-484GG, RG-486GD, RG-486GL.

210430 DCS Range Aeration Bowl Porcelain
$151.99  SALE!  $128.44 
210437 DCS Range Upper Grate
210468P DCS Range Nut M22 Jet Holder (PKD)
210536 DCS Range Jet Holders D DMS #47
210538P DCS Range Jet Holder. Replaces AP6784807, 210538.
210608P DCS Range Burner Cap. For "D" Burner that is 4 inches in diameter. Replaces AP6784842, 210608.
210609P DCS Range Burner Cap C 3.5 inches. Replaces AP6784843, 210609.

210779 DCS Range Oven Thermostat. Fits models RG-304 RG-364GD RG-364GL RG-484GG RG-486GD RG-486GL RGA-304SS RGS-305SS RGS-364GDSS RGS-364GLSS RGS-366SS RGS-484GGSS RGS-485GDSS RGS-486GDSS RGS-486GLSS


$296.76  SALE!  $234.80 
210782P DCS Range Oven Dual Thermal Gas Valve. Replaces AP6784955, 210782.
210801 DCS Range Ignition Switch

210828 DCS Range Spark Module. Older style REIG module fits models RG-304 C-364GD C-364GL C-366-L C-484GG C-486GD C-486GL RD-304 RD-364GD RD-364GL RD-366 RD-484GG RG-486GL RD-486GD RD-486GD

210891 DCS Range Burner Venturi Tube. Replaces AP6785012.
210896 DCS Gas Range Burner Valve
210913P DCS Range Burner Tube. Replaces AP6785028, 210913.
211146 DCS Gas Range Burner Grate Pad
211190 DCS Gas Range Burner Knob

211346 Receptacle for DCS range and oven door hinges. This is the hinge mounting bracket that attaches to the oven body.


211476 DCS Hinge Receptacle. Genuine DCS factory replacement part. Overall length is 3.5 inches. Distance between the screw holes on each far end is 3.25 inches.

81 Items.  Showing Items 1 thru 20.
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